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Your junk removal request is valuable to us, so we make absolute certain your safety and satisfaction as our utmost priority.

All Removers follow COVID-19 Protocols and operate with Personal Protective Equipment, Masks and Gloves.

Junk Services We Proudly Offer

You Name it, We Remove it

Bearing the brunt of removing your heavy and bulky junk all on your own is difficult, and in some cases, an impossible task. You could hurt yourself or damage a perfectly good piece of appliance or furniture. Don’t risk going through a troublesome experience when you can rely on our junk removal services.

Furniture Removal, Mattress Disposal & More

At Mavis Junk Removal , we can haul off a slew of different kinds of junk. Here are some examples of what we can do away with for you- washers/dryers, mattresses, appliances, hot tubs, gym equipment, scrap wood. The list goes on. As long you no longer need it and you want us to remove it off your property for you- we will be there.

Environmental Friendly

E-waste is a term that is not so familiar to everyone. Moreover, the problem this poses to the environment is not as emphasized as it should be. The word e-waste is short for electronic waste, this can range from your broken smartphone to unused appliances such as refrigerators and air-conditioners.

Recycle & Pro Green

When any kind of e-waste gets directly thrown into landfills, it contributes to the already growing environmental crisis we are experiencing. Mavis Junk Removal  will haul off all of your e-waste and turn it over to reputable recycling centers where it will be properly taken care of.

Hauling Services

Different kinds of rubbish can be found in various spots of your property. The presence of all this junk can take up so much space; imagine what you could do if you get rid of the things you no longer have any use for.

Proper Handling

With Mavis Junk Removal, we will help you reclaim the space in your attic, basement, or anywhere else. Our crew will personally haul out everything that you want to go. Once we are done, you will be surrounded by all this space that you can use for something functional.

Road Maps

Owning a business can be tough. It is a ride filled with ups and downs. Whether you are shutting down a company or just moving your operations somewhere else, you’re bound to leave old equipment behind. We know how difficult it is to undertake the task of moving or getting rid of these huge and weighty objects.

Professional Services

You can rely on our business junk removal services to get your old equipment out of the way. We can haul even the biggest types of machinery to smaller components such as office furniture. Apart from clearing out your old space, we also make sure that your old belongings are not wasted, but instead, given to charitable programs or recycling centers.

Debris Removal

Tidying up construction sites is not only done as the project is about to finish. Contrary to what others might think, making sure that your site is clean and safe for the whole duration that it’s being worked on is key to everyone’s safety and well-being.

Building Rubbish Removal

Safety inspectors might do a surprise check-up on your ongoing project and they can pinpoint even the smallest safety hazard. It’s better to be out of harm’s way by getting aid with the use of our construction site clean up services. You can book an appointment with us whenever you feel like things are starting to look disordered.

Yard Waste Removal

A disheveled yard is not only unattractive, it also poses several dangers. Different tripping and falling hazards could hide beneath the untrimmed grass. Anybody could easily stumble on a concealed tree branch or fall on hidden manholes.

Don’t wait until these accidents happen to you or your loved ones. You can rely on our yard debris removal services to swiftly clear out your yard of clutter and unseen perils.

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Our Junk Hauling Story

If you are looking for a junk removal service near you who can- haul off any kind of trash, offer affordable prices, and guarantee good customer service- you have come to the right place. Mavis Junk Removal can take care of absolutely any of your junk removal needs. From hauling bulky appliances to lugging off unwanted furniture, we got your back. Getting rid of your rubbish can be a tedious task. You’d have to consider many factors such as how you’re going to get it out of your home if it is still inside and what kind of transportation you’re going to use to haul it off; there’s also the pressing issue of where you’re going to drop it off. That’s a lot to worry about. But with our junk removal services, you can cross all those off your list because we are going to do it all for you!


We are your go-to company for any of your junk-related problems. Whether the trash is in your attic or right outside in the yard- we can safely and properly remove it. Our team of dedicated workers is willing to squeeze through the narrowest alleys and the smallest crawlspaces just to haul off your junk for you. And we don’t just cater to residential junk removal, we also offer a wide variety of other services. These range from boat removal to construction site clean ups. So regardless if you’re a homeowner, businessman, or a contractor, we have means to serve you

Daily Goals

We understand that you may have some worries about using our services in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. But we are here to assure you that, as we continue our operations in the middle of these trying times, we have since strictly mandated the highest form of health and safety protocols. Our crew is required to be outfitted with personal protective equipment, and we thoroughly sanitize everything we lay a hand on- including our gears and anything we come into contact with if the service is to be done inside a building’s premises. Additionally, all payment transactions will be carried out virtually.

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Why customers choose our service

Whatever form your junk may come in, we are capable of hauling it out for you. From cluttered basement junk to broken-down appliances, as long as you no longer want it, we will take it. When you do business with us, you can be sure of a quick and reliable service. Say goodbye to all the fuss that comes along with getting rid of your rubbish; call us at (650) 262-6985 and get a free estimate!

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Customer's reviews

Moving out was a breeze with these guys. I had a mattress, cabinets and a large fish tank that needed to get rid of. It was affordable even for a college student like me. Highly recommend!​
cathy mayfield san mateo junk removal customer review
Alex L.
Redwood, CA
Simply fast, affordable, and gets the job done. The best junk removal service in town with an unbeatable price!​
Cathy Mayfield
San Mateo, CA
I am a local business and we get large piles of debris after each project is done. Mavis team saved me the time and hassle. Best part is they are locally owned and responded super fast when I texted them.
Mike McMillon
Daly City, CA

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