property clean out and junk removal service

Property Clean Out

Owning a property means having plenty of responsibilities. This includes having to deal with bills and dues and most importantly- keeping the place clean. Whatever form of property you have, it is never immune to accumulating junk. That is why it must always be on your list of priorities to have a property clean out every now and then.

Depending on what kind of property you own, may it be a residential home or a business establishment- the magnitude of clean up could differ. Some tasks are bearable on your own but there are some projects that require more than one set of hands. In these cases, you can count on Mavis Junk Removal to be of assistance. We can cater to any property clean out projects you want us to undertake; big or small- we can handle it. Here are some occasions where our services might be handy:

House Selling

If you are looking into selling your house in the market, one of the key factors you should pay attention to is the cleanliness of the place. You have to make sure that the property you are showing to your prospective clients is well-maintained and tidy. If not, they could lose interest and you would have a hard time closing in on a deal for your house.

At Mavis Junk Removal, we can help you with cleaning out your real estate so that it looks presentable for house viewing. We can handle all kinds of trash so you can trust our dependable workers to safely carry and haul off all the big and bulky items you have lying around with no purpose. Our team can also handle small pieces of trash including a variety of paper products and other knick-knacks.

House Rental Clean Ups

Has your tenant recently moved out and left behind old furniture and a big pile of mess? As a landlord, these are normal scenarios that you encounter more often than not. It can be difficult to deal with when you have other things to worry about. And the mess you are now responsible for can be too much to handle on your own.

Let us help you with your messy situation. Our property clean up services are fast and easy, all you have to do is schedule an appointment and we will come right on time. With our services, your rental property will have a much quicker turnaround time and it will be spick and span; ready for a new tenant to live in.


There are moments in life that are hard to process and leave you stressed. Foreclosures are never easy and it affects your life in all aspects. When you find that everything is too much to bear and you have no time left to deal with all the furniture and other household items in your property, you can call on Mavis Junk Removal for help. We guarantee prompt and professional results that are completely hassle-free. With our reliable and affordable services, you can trust that you are in good hands.