San Mateo E-waste junk removal service

E-waste Disposal Experts in San Mateo

The ever-growing rise of electronic waste in the modern world continues to be a problem that plagues our environment. We are slowly running out of natural resources and our atmosphere is in danger because of the presence of e-waste disposal in our landfills. Because of this, the call to properly segregate and recycle e-waste is all the more clear; especially in a world where gadgets and other electronic devices are a huge part of our lives.

E-waste disposal can come in many forms. Your broken cell phone to a refrigerator that no longer works. The materials used in your electronic wastes are valuable and can be used again if sent to the proper recycling center. Here at Mavis Junk Removal, you can trust that we will take good care of all your e-waste, making sure that it goes to the right places. Here are a few reasons as to why it is important to properly dispose of your e-waste:

Decreases Pollution

It is incredibly harmful to the environment when electronic waste is directed to landfills. It contributes to our continuous issues with soil, water, and air pollution. Moreover, there are different elements present in e-waste that pose harm to our environment such as glass, and heavy metals. These can cause impurities in oceans, jeopardizing the lives of our marine animals.

In a society where gadgets and all kinds of electronic devices are fundamental facets of our lives, all kinds of affordable electronics has contributed to the increase in solid waste. We cannot dictate people on how they want to spend their money or what they want to buy, but we can contribute by properly disposing e-wastes. At Mavis Junk Removal, we will be the one to direct any of your electronic waste to the proper facilities. And we continue to encourage others to do the same.

Proper Recyling

Electronic wastes are composed of very valuable materials such as gold, silver, and copper to name a few. These metals have great economic value when extracted from e-wastes and reintroduced to the production stream. When your solid waste is thrown in the landfills, it gets mixed up with other materials and all those valuable metals would be wasted. 

It is important to recycle e-waste because the earth is slowly losing natural resources and repurposing the ores found in electronic wastes are a great way to mitigate the problem. If you have any e-waste that you would like to be thrown away, you can rely on our services to dispose of them in the proper manner. We make sure that all your electronic devices and appliances are brought to reputable recycling centers or if it’s still functional- to charity and donation drives.

Less Toxic Waste

Though e-waste is made of valuable and recyclable materials, they also contain harmful and toxic components such as lead and mercury among other things. These heavy metals are highly dangerous to both humans and the environment. But when e-waste is handled properly and the valuable metals are extracted in the right way, there is no reason for any worry. It is only through improper extracting methods and throwing e-waste in landfills that these toxic chemicals can leach out and contaminate our waters, land, and air.

The responsible thing to do when you are in possession of e-waste that you don’t have any use for is to make sure that it is directed to the proper places. You can rest assured that our team at Mavis Junk Removal will handle your electronic wastes in the safest way possible.