santa clara construction site clean up and debris removal

Construction Site Clean Up

Construction sites are notorious for racking up a huge mess; it is simply inevitable. With all that building and renovation going around, junk and debris are expected to pile up in some way. If you are involved in the constriction, remodeling, or any business of the likes, you know how burdensome it could be. Apart from everything you already have to handle, it is simply too much to think about the junk and construction site clean up.

But the mess caused by your construction site should actually be paid attention to more often because it could lead to some serious accidents that could put you and your workers to danger. Save your time and effort with our construction site clean up services; we will make sure that your site will be ridden of any hazardous and risk-posing elements. We guarantee you quality services no matter what the task is. Here are some reasons why construction site clean ups are vital:


One of the most important facets which we should pay close attention to is the risk of accidents. Because construction sites are generally messy, that means there are a ton of hazards and risk-posing perils scattered all around. This puts you and the people working under that site in danger of different accidents such as trips and falls.

It is important to create a safe working environment for your workers. That is why construction clean ups are not only important at the end of the building or remodeling period, but it is also crucial to do regular cleaning for the whole duration that the place is being worked on. This ensures that there would be no injuries happening under your supervision.

Dust and Debris

They are tiny and most of the time invisible elements that are common in construction sites. Dust and debris are no stranger in the building industry. It can be difficult to clean up and is known to get into hard-to-reach places which is a pain to handle. Not to mention, they can also cause major respiratory problems and complications, especially for people who already have asthmatic issues. 

Here at Mavis Junk Removal, we are capable of sweeping your site off of any dust or debris. Whether it may hide in the smallest of vents, we will find a way to reach and get rid of them. A site that is free from any dust and debris boosts morale for your workers. Additionally, it is always good to have a clean and dust-free area when you are ready to hand over the property to the new owners.

Safety Regulations

Another thing that you should look out for when you are in charge of a construction site is the inspections that occur periodically. These investigations usually consist of safety regulators checking if the proper and standard protocols are put in place.

It is always better to be ready for any upcoming inspections as they will usually take you by surprise. With our services, you can feel secure knowing that you are safe from the next safety inspection.