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Junk Hauling, Junk Pickup, and Junk Removal Services

Junk can take a toll on our daily routine if we just let it sit by the corner. How many times have you been bothered because of that old sofa lying uselessly by the curbside? Or perhaps, how many hours and effort have you wasted searching for fair junk removal services in your city? Whether or not you have experienced these events, you know the hassle a pile of junk can cause.

Thankfully, Mavis Junk Removal can help you with all of that. We specialize in hauling away your junk, whatever size or quantity they may be. We can handle anything from big industrial machines to the small piles of clutter in your basement. Just lead us to the trash and we will comply. Our tools and gear allow us to execute every task professionally and promptly. You can find a list of the primary services we offer below:

Our Services

Don’t worry if what you need is not written among the options above. That is just our basic list and does not cover the extensive services we also offer. It is our main goal that every one of our clients gets equal resources from us and are provided with quality treatment and service. If you have something specific you would like our team to do for you, you can call and inquire at (650) 262-6985. Just tell us the details of the task you would like us to undertake and we will give you a free estimate!