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About Us

Located in San Mateo, CA, Mavis Junk Removal has been providing quality junk hauling services to homes and businesses about the same time the dot com boom. The essence of what we do is reorganizing clutter for you. Truth be told, getting rid of junk can be easy once you get organized. To keep, to donate, to toss is the motto we swear by. Our crew of skilled and devoted workers haul off almost anything.

Our Story

What makes our services stand out is the devotion we have towards our environment. In a world that is brimming with problems every day, it is crucial that we contribute what we can to help alleviate the situation. At Mavis Junk Removal, it is at our core to be environmentally conscious. With the state of landfills getting worse every day and oceans being polluted, we have made it our prime concern to never dispose any junk we collect carelessly. The trash we haul off from your property goes through inspection. We scrutinize every object and ensure it is fit to be donated or recycled. Effectively, we are diverting trash from going straight into landfills and ensuring that we are keeping away litter from places it shouldn’t be found in.

When doing business with us, you can be certain that you and your trash are given the proper care and attention it needs. If you have any questions and concerns regarding our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (650) 262-6985 and we’ll be right with you.